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Get DirecTV, Dish Network, or Exede Internet in Texarkana & Hot Springs, AR

5 Star Communications in Texarkana is dedicated to being your comprehensive choice for satellite TV and Internet installation . We'll come to your home and go over our installation or repair solution so you know what to expect. If you've been searching for a reliable internet and TV installation company, look no further than 5 Star Communications in Texarkana. Reach out to our technicians today by dialing 903-832-3474.

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• DIRECTV installation
• DISH TV installation
Exede Internet

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Instead of dealing with the cable companies or going weeks without internet, trust 5 Star Communications in Texarkana & Hot Springs, AR for the job. We take pride in being the best choice in the area for satellite TV and internet. Schedule your first appointment by dialing 903-832-3474 today.